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During these online Intensive Courses and Masterclasses, you will be encouraged to reflect on your communication style and habits in a constructive and detailed way. The Intensive Courses are delivered over three weeks time and are limited to 6 participants to ensure the sessions remain interactive. The Masterclasses are delivered over a one-off 90-min session and limited to 6 participants. All the exercises proposed in those courses are highly practical and applicable to an immediate use in your professional and personal communication.


All these training options are delivered live on ZOOM. 

Private Voice, Accent and Public Speaking Coaching

Valerie is available for consultations to both individuals, companies & groups.

If you wish to book one-to-one sessions with her, please send her an email at




Price: £110

Three 90-Min Live Group Sessions

Dates for the Sessions:

Saturday 20/02   9.30am - 11.00am BST

Saturday 27/02   9.30am - 11.00am BST

Saturday 06/03   9.30am - 11.00am BST

Speaking English as a second language and remaining clear and confident in all situations can be a challenging task. You might feel frustrated at times when your colleagues or friends don’t understand your pronunciation. You feel a lack of confidence in professional situations to express your ideas. Or perceive that people make occasional judgements on your competence due to your accent patterns, and that this might lead you to missing opportunities.This course, designed primarily for people who speak English as a second language, will be made of three 90min live interactive group Zoom sessions. Packed with downloadable practice texts and exercises, this course aims to provide straightforward strategies that shed light on the rules of English pronunciation, capture and practice its unique musicality and rhythm and implement these new skills in social and professional communication. 




90-Min Live Morning Group Session

Price: £59

Date: Saturday 13th March

from 9.30am - 11.00am BST

This interactive Masterclass is intended to all women who wish to explore their communication habits, both in the workplace and in the private sphere, and want to develop effective, authentic and inspiring presentation strategies for a range of audiences and situations.

Contrary to certain beliefs, these qualities of communication are not predetermined and can be acquired through self-awareness and careful practising, hence becoming available to anyone wishing to develop a communication style based on self-confidence, natural authority and authentic connection. 


       What will you learn in this workshop?

  • To analyse your verbal and non-verbal communication habits that can affect your self-confidence and the trust others have in your being able to communicate your ideas. 

  • To work on your voice, breath and posture. These are essential elements for a communication style that expresses self-confidence, natural authority and the ability to connect with an audience. 

  • To apply your new skills to a short presentation of your choice, in either English or French, and learn strategies to perfect your bodily impact, your voice, your gestures, your art of persuasion and your storytelling, ensuring you grab and keep the attention of your audience and communicate your ideas fully. 



90-Min Live Morning Group Session

Price: £59

Date: Saturday 20th March

from 9.00am-10.30am BST

Interviews can be stressful and difficult experiences. You may feel that your nerves hold you back or that you struggle with clarity and poise when asked a tricky question, especially in English as a non-native speaker. However, a great performance on the day is completely achievable as long as you invest in careful preparation.

This Interactive Masterclass is designed to help you pinpoint any aspects you find challenging and then using strategies and techniques to overcome them and feel confident and calm when going into the interview process.

The session will include a mini practice interview. You will be asked both general questions and ones based specifically on your cover letter, CV or personal statement. This interview will be recorded so that we can closely analyse the strengths and weaknesses in your interview technique and work together to improve and perfect it.

Communication skills are crucial in order to clearly and confidently get across what you have to say. We will work on strategies and techniques, both verbal and non-verbal, that will help you show your best self in the interview.

Finally, nerves are one of the key things that can hamper an interview. Therefore we will learn strategies (e.g. breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques) that can be used in the run up and during the interview so that you remain calm and collected throughout the whole process.  


Marie-Laure Vaganay, 

Communication Consultant 

If you want to know how to improve your public speaking skills, attend the workshop, and you'll learn very concrete tips to help you grow.

Jeremy Fifre,

Training Specialist at IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Valerie has that incredible energy that makes working with her a pure enjoyment. As a voice and accent coach, Valerie was able to pinpoint my shortfalls and show me how to get closer to an intelligible English accent. She also expertly managed to improve my elocution and ensure a clear and striking speech delivery. I would strongly recommend Valerie for her expertise and amazing personality to anyone in need of professional help on accent softening. 

Gaojing Cao, 

Manager at Schlumberger

Valerie is an excellent professional in accent softening and public speaking domain. She demonstrates great passion to the subject and her clients and I enjoyed the sessions with her. Her opera background is a strong addition to the training she provides. She has a wonderful toolbox on how to own the ‘stage’, which is key to an excellent public speaker. Don’t miss out your chance to become excellent if you come across Valerie. 

Catherine Chardon, 

Managing Director at RATP Dev London

Valerie is a very talented artist and professional. She helped my daughter in her preparation for Universities 'interviews and it was a great success. My daughter succeeded everywhere she applied (IE in Spain, ESCP Europe, …). She gained self-confidence and techniques to breathe, use silence and manage time and answers properly. My daughter gained maturity and self-awareness thanks to Valerie and it will help her also for the future. Thank You.

Claire Bruce,

Lawyer and Trustee

Excellent preparation for anyone who needs to be more effective in public speaking.

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