'A relatively modest improvement in your communication skills can make a major difference in your future earning power, as well as in many other aspects of your life.'

(Warren Buffett)

During these workshops, you will be encouraged to analyse your communication style and habits in a constructive and positive way, so that each person can fully benefit from the group's feedback and support. The exercises proposed are practical, interactive and applicable to an immediate use in your professional and personal communication. All the workshops are tailored for your specific needs and limited to 6 participants to ensure each person can receive individual attention. 

The Belsize Park Studio


Techniques to improve your British Accent 

This workshop, designed primarily for people who speak English as a second language, aims to provide straightforward strategies that shed light on the rules of English pronunciation, capture and practice its unique musicality and rhythm and implement these new skills in social and professional communication. 

The Belsize Park Studio


Effective Communication for Women

This workshop is specially designed for women who wish to gain a better understanding of their communication style and habits within both the professional and personal sphere. You will learn how to develop effective strategies to become a confident, assertive and inspiring speaker.

The Belsize Park Studio


Mastering Powerful Talks and Presentations

Whether you’re planning to speak at conferences, pitch to investors or deliver an inspiring talk for a non-profit organisation, the workshop Mastering Powerful Talks and Presentations is designed to help you harness both the form and content of your speech in order to share your ideas with power, presence and authenticity.


Jessica Urvicz, 

Property Consultant 

I learned a lot during this workshop, it was extremely insightful and helped me gain awareness on the way I speak, what precisely I should improve, and how I could improve it. I know now what to focus on to get a better outcome with my voice and conversational skills

Marie-Laure Vaganay, 

Communication Consultant 

If you want to know how to improve your public speaking skills, attend the workshop, and you'll learn very concrete tips to help you grow.

Claire Bruce,

Lawyer and Trustee

Excellent preparation for anyone who needs to be more effective in public speaking.

Catherine Chardon, 

Managing Director

Valerie is listening to our particularities, she knows what needs to be improved for each one of us. I felt confident and know now what to work on.

Véronique Dy, 


Un travail personnalisé et détaillé sur la voix et la posture, dans une atmosphère bienveillante.  

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