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'The best musical ideas are impossible to achieve without a perfected technique.'
(Raphaël Sikorski, Singing Teacher)


From a technical perspective, the principles I teach are deeply rooted in the Italian School of singing, and more specifically in the Swedish-Italian School of singing, which combines the brilliance of tone of the Italian tradition with the warmth of deeper vowel forms found in the Swedish, French and German languages. I learned these principles from two renowned singing pedagogues, French teacher Raphaël Sikorski and American teacher David Jones. These vocal concepts are timeless and can be translated to all levels and musical styles. Moreover, their therapeutic qualities have proven extremely beneficial for damaged voices during a rehabilitation process. 

My take on this methodology provides a foundation for free singing, leading singers through the step-by-step process of mastering the technique.

From a more interpretive perspective, I draw on my training in speech and my passion for studying text and acting to bring a wide range of movement, acting and text approaches to help my students unearth their musical ideas and reveal a wide emotional landscape, key to an impactful performance.


  • Posture and alignment

  • Breath management 

  • The safe onset of the vocal cords 

  • The formation and homogeneity of vowels

  • Dissociation of tongue and jaw during phonation

  • Applying technique to repertoire


Classes are held in-person

at the Belsize Park Studio

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