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'It is still the case that when listeners hear a female voice, they do not hear a voice that connotes authority; or rather they have not learned how to hear authority in it.'
(Mary Beard, Classicist and Writer)

I deeply care about the place of women in our modern societies, especially in the workplace and the political sphere. Through my voice training at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, I have considerably improved my spoken voice, discovering a strength and scope of expression that was unthinkable at first. This gave a new-found confidence in my ability to speak up and be heard. I realised that, while most people think that the quality of their voice is physiologically predetermined, it is actually nurture and culture that are the major determinants of vocal behaviour. This drew my attention to the still prevalent tendency, conscious or not, for some women to be restricted by a light or soft tone that prevents them from conveying power and authority. This is of course transferred, at significant cost, to the workplace and the political arena. 

My work is to help women feel, look and sound more powerful and assertive in the workplace, and provide them with practical and effective tools to feel entitled and confident in their communication. 

I welcome individuals for one-on-one coaching on:

  • Voice power and breathing technique

  • Vocal and physical presence

  • Work on range, pitch and articulation in order to convey your ideas with greater clarity and impact

  • Managing interruptions during meetings

  • How to ace at interviews and negotiations

I also design bespoke in-house workshops for larger groups (maximum 12 persons), pedagogically underpinned by my skills in voice, movement and acting techniques and adapted to your specific needs. Do get in touch for more details on content and pricing.

Available as individual coaching or group workshops,

in person or on Zoom

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